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911 Signage

This past winter was one for the record books.  If your blue 911 sign was damaged or is missing, please contact Carl Nyquist at cnyquist@co.murray.mn.us  or call 507-836-1111.

The blue reflective signs seen throughout the rural areas of the County that display the address house number are called reflective 9-1-1 signs.  These signs are extremely helpful to emergency personnel when responding to an emergency situation where every second counts. 

Why address numbers are posted at the beginning of driveways:

  • Emergency responders can only help you when they can find you!
  • Having your address number visible provides easy identification for responders who may not be familiar with the area.
  • Every second counts during an emergency. Address numbers allow emergency responders to save critical time, especially in reaching rural parts of Murray County.
  • Homes are often hidden from view at the beginning of the driveway.
  • Areas of Murray County have continued development, making it difficult to find new subdivisions and developments.

911 sign