2500 28th Street - PO Box 57 - Slayton, MN 56172


Fenton Township Board

Meeting Date: Last Tuesday of every other month
Meeting Time: 7:30 P.M.
Meeting Location: John Busman’s Home

Fenton Township History

T105N R42W
Organized April 7, 1886

Fenton Township is on the lower tier of Murray County, with Nobles County located on its southern border, Moulton Township on the west, Leeds Township on the north, and Iona Township in the east. This township was named for its first settler, Mr. Peter H. Fenton. Peter Fenton met Laura Wheeler in Wabasha, Minnesota and they were married in 1859. They moved to Murray County in 1877. Mr. Fenton later moved from the state.

The Southern Minnesota Railroad Company laid their line across the northern tier of sections during the summer of 1879, but it was not until 1881 that rail service was available in Iona.

Fenton was the last of the twenty townships in Murray County to be organized.