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Dovray Township Board

Meeting Date: 2nd Monday
Meeting Time: 9:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: Township Hall

Dovray Township History

T107N  R38W
Organized April 22, 1879

Dovray Township is on the east side; second tier of Murray County, with Cottonwood County located on its east border, Des Moines Township on the south, Murray Township on the west, and Holly Township on the north. There were two petitions naming the township. Nile Taarud, the first settler, initiated a petition for the name “Dovray”. Herbert Osgood, who requested the township be called “Ramer”, initiated the second petition. The name of the township was voted on at the first township meeting.

The township became Dovray, named for Dovre, a village in Norway, where Nils Taarud was born, and for Doverfjels, a high mountainous plateau of that country.

The township had many lakes, Lean Lake (which later became known as Long Lake), Lake Hope, (now called Duck Lake), Buffalo Lake, Rush Lake, Lake Julia, Skow Lake, and a few others that have been drained or forgotten.