2500 28th Street - PO Box 57 - Slayton, MN 56172

County Attorney's Office

Travis Smith, County Attorney
Kayla Johnson, Assistant County Attorney

Phone:  507-836-6541

  • The Murray County Attorney is elected by Murray County voters and has the following responsibilities:
  • Provides legal advice to the Murray County Board of Commissioners and other county officials.
  • Represents Murray County in various civil matters such as contract negotiations and forfeitures.
  • The duties of the County Attorney Office include the prosecution of adult felonies and gross misdemeanors occurring in the county, prosecution of misdemeanor and traffic violations that occur in the county outside of city limits, juvenile delinquency prosecution, court work – child protection cases, and civil commitment for people with mental illness or chemical dependency.
  • Prosecutes felony level criminal cases occurring within the county, including personal crimes such as homicides, assaults, sex crimes, and robberies; property crimes such as burglaries, forgeries, damage to property, and thefts; drug crimes from possession and sale to manufacture; and serious driving offenses such as DWI with certain prior offenses and criminal vehicular operation.
  • The County Attorney’s Office serves as the general legal adviser for all county government departments.