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Lake Sarah

Lake Sarah Township Board

Meeting Date: 1st Tuesday
Meeting Time: 8:00 P.M. – Winter months meeting at 7:30 P.M.
Meeting Location: Home of the Clerk

Lake Sarah Township History

T108 N R41W
Organized March 31, 1873

Lake Sarah Township is located on the upper middle tier of Murray County, with Lyon County located on its northern border, Shetek Township of the east, Mason Township on the south, and Skandia Township on the west. This township was named after the lake that is located on its boundary. Lake Sarah and Lake Maria had been named after the wives of the surveyors in 1861.

In the 1870’s there was an influx of Swedish settlers to this township. One such group was called the Hobert Colony, from Iron Mountain, Michigan, which settled on the west side of the lake.

The Swedish and Norwegian settlers established three churches in Lake Sarah Township: Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lake Sarah Baptist Church, and Modum Norwegian Lutheran.

Lake Sarah had a post office named “Mason” after an early settler. Mistakenly, the settlers thought that it had been located in Mason Township, but is was located a half mile north of the township line.

This township had the first and only limestone kiln in Murray County, located in section 34.